These are the British universities that have the most sex 5 years ago

These are the British universities that have the most sex

It's well and good being a university that places highly in the academic grade tables, but if the students are not having rampant sex every night, then does it even matter?

Thanks to lifestyle site Hexjam, the horniest universities in the country have the official recognition they deserve.


To crown the champion of their University Sex League, a survey about student love lives was sent out and completed by nearly 6,000 people. Last year's top shaggers were students of the University of Brighton, who had an average of 10.59 sexual partners per student. Must be all that seaside air.


There was clearly a northern retaliation in 2015, though, as this year's champion is Leeds Beckett. Students at the Yorkshire university had an average 8.45 average partners. In second and third place came (ahem) Southampton Solent (8.18) and the London School of Economics (8.00) respectively.

Leeds Beckett University - bring your condoms Leeds Beckett University - bring your condoms

So you can see if your own fine institution received a ranking, we've included the top 10 below, with the average number of notches on the bedpost in brackets.


  1. Leeds Beckett (8.45)
  2. Southampton Solent (8.18)
  3. LSE (8.00)
  4. University of Ulster (7.64)
  5. Staffordshire University (7.57)
  6. Middlesex University (7.50)
  7. Nottingham Trent University (7.25)
  8. Oxford Brookes University (7.12)
  9. University of Aberdeen (7.04)
  10. Liverpool Hope University (7.00)

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