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07th Mar 2023

This is how many times men should masturbate a month, according to science

Jack Peat

Scientists have advised to keep it regular to stave off the risk of prostate cancer

A new academic study has outlined how many times men should masturbate a month in order to stay healthy.

Research published in European Urology finds you should be enjoying a little ‘personal time’ at least 21 times a month to cut down on the risk of prostate cancer.

Doing so could reduce your risk by up to a third, the research shows, making it similar to running and eating healthily in staving off ill health.

Researchers at IFLScience surveyed 31,925 men over an 18-year period and kept tabs on how often they did the deed on average.

They found that having an orgasm regularly flushes out toxins which could increase the risk of cancer.

What’s more, separate studies have found regular masturbation could improve focus and productivity, resulting in one company offering staff half-hour daily ‘masturbation breaks’ to boost morale.

But not everyone is convinced about the research.

One man who recently abstained from masturbation for 90 days said it was the “best” decision he’s ever made, saying he had more energy and was able to think straight.

Taking to Reddit, the unidentified man revealed that he’s decided to give up completely.

He wrote: “I had no idea that I was 3 months in because I didn’t check my streak often, maybe once every 1-2 weeks which I think was key in my abstinence.”

The man then explained that during this time, he had “more energy, my brain stopped sexualising normal things and my brain fog is basically gone.”

“I find it easier to socialise, and start conversations. I have also experienced a huge energy boost in the gym, and have seen tremendous progress during these 3 months,” he continued.

The man explained that abstaining from self-pleasure meant he had more “discipline and helped him “get up on early mornings when I did not feel like hitting the gym, helped me get out of bed during bad days and rough times.”

So after three months, he concluded that he will “will not be going back to masturbating” as “not doing it has helped me more than doing it has.”

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