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25th Aug 2015

The London bar where the punters aren’t the only things getting hammered

Sounds crazy...

Tom Victor

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for – you can now hammer nails into bits of wood while drinking alcohol.

It sounds a bit like a budget version of those American liquor stores that sell guns, but you will soon be able to save money on your bar tab by indulging in a bit of hammerschlagen.

The new pop-up, which is obviously in Dalston because where else would it be, opens at DOT bar on September 1.

Hammerschlagen is a game of German origin, if you hadn’t worked it out from the name, and it couldn’t be simpler. Just hit nails into wood, and if you do it quicker than the bar staff you can win a discount.

The bar will also serve a selection of craft beer and German sausages, because obviously.

Wondering what else to expect? It’s likely to be something a little like this…

H/T Dalstonist