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04th Mar 2022

The internet is losing it over this man’s massive hands

Danny Jones

Guy with massive hands goes viral on TikTok

Imagine getting a pat on the back from this fella

A bloke on TikTok has gone viral after people noticed his absolutely massive hands – and when we say massive, we mean it.

Jeff Dabe from Stacy, Minnesota, has a TikTok following of nearly 720,000 people and while he does lots of normal, wholesome content like so many others, it’s fair to say that most stay for his huge hands, thick fingers and ginormous 19-inch forearms.

@jeffdabeTaking a friend for a walk ???♬ original sound – Jeff Dabe MN Armwrestler

As well as being called the “real-life Wreck-It Ralph” by some of his fans, Dabe, 48, quickly gained the nicked name “Popeye” growing up but insists that he has embraced the comparisons and encourages everyone to “be who you are”.

He’s certainly used it to his advantage over the years as well, competing as a professional arm wrestler for many decades and having recently got back into the sport and even won a championship following his recent resurgence.

@jeffdabeJujimufu and a photo shoot ????♬ original sound – Jeff Dabe MN Armwrestler

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people comment asking him to do certain tasks to show the sheer contrast between what their regular hands might like look like when compared to his absolute gauntlets, such as holding a pen or grabbing a dollar from his pocket.

@jeffdabe Reply to @yungpl4ya ♬ original sound – Jeff Dabe MN Armwrestler

After not having known the real cause for these giant limbs for most of his life, the University of Minnesota tested Dabe to see what the medical reason might be; while the working theory was possible gigantism and/or elephantiasis, doctors are still unable to have given him a definite answer.

Many following his account regularly worry whether these swollen hurt or cause him any trouble when doing normal, everyday tasks – but Jeff insists that his massive hands-only really stop him from doing two things: working on cars and finding “good gloves”.

@jeffdabe Reply to @iamyourbatman ♬ original sound – Jeff Dabe MN Armwrestler

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