11 savage texts it's perfectly acceptable to send your siblings 3 years ago

11 savage texts it's perfectly acceptable to send your siblings

Siblings <3

We've all got them. Or some people don't, but you've probably clicked into this because you have siblings. Right? Otherwise you're insane.


Anyway, there's a dark and seedy world in existence where our true selves lay bare, exposing our real inner workings without fear of ridicule or rejection. A safe haven for savagery.

That world is the text message tween between ourselves and our siblings. We send the most obscene text messages that truly aren't a great representation of our honour, but they're an essential part of everyday life.

Behold, 11 savage texts you've probably sent your brothers and sisters.

1. Household Matters 


Point well made and an entirely fair request.


2. Stirring The Pot

She doesn't even want them to call her. You're just bored.



3. Crime Updates

Strange how modern crime manifests itself. Chronic attempt at a lie, but it's still better than having to beg for a lend of something.



4. Intimidation Tactics

Short, concise and to the point. Your work here is done.



5. Begging With Integrity

As we all know, the best way to get what you want is to insult someone. Right?


6. Scaremongering

You haven't done it before, but they don't know that.


7. Empty Threats

There's no dog video. But they're going to spend the next few days trying to work out what you're talking about.


8. Household Information

Truthfully you couldn't hear a thing, but it's important to keep these morons on their toes.


9. Begging With Integrity Part 2

Sometimes you really want something, but you can't sacrifice your morals in order to get it.


10. Disguising Banter

Dirty tactics are sometimes the last but most fruitful resort.


11. Love Declarations

Translation: This is as close as I will ever get to saying that I love you.