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26th Sep 2022

Taylor Paige Courtenay hits back at ‘older generation’ who say her tattoos will ‘ruin her’


‘I have the same personality. It doesn’t change me as a person’

TikTok star Taylor Paige Courtenay has hit out at ‘elderly people’ who give her grief about her tattoos.

The influencer has ink all over her body, including a tiger and cheetah on her torso and artwork on her face.

According to The Star, she got her first inking at 17, which is a design inspired by the Greek mythological character Medusa.

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While she sees the tattoos as artwork, Taylor gets comments from people saying who think she’s “ruined” herself.

And she is now on a mission to talk and change their opinions on tattoos.

In one video, she highlighted some of the judgemental comments she gets from older people.

These include messages like: “Your tattoos are not going to look good when you hit 60.”

But instead of taking it to heart, Taylor hit back: “That’s bold of you to assume you even look good at 60.”

Speaking to the Daily Star, Taylor said: “Unfortunately, it is a lot of the time, the elder generation [saying these comments].

“Personally, I think they see a young healthy female and obviously it was never the ‘norm’ to them to see a female with a lot of tattoos in very outstanding places back when they were younger.

“So I guess they just presume that I haven’t thought about my decisions and therefore ‘I’ve ruined myself’.”

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Taylor said she was stared at and whispered about by strangers when she went to a local cafe with her grandparents recently.

“I feel like I have to be overly nice, polite and smile more to show that – just because of my choice to get work done all over my body – it does not mean I’m a different person with or without them,” she detailed.

“One of my main aims is to talk and change older people’s opinions on tattoos, how they’re seen and the assumptions that come with it.

“I have the same personality; I am always polite and courteous and it doesn’t change me as a person.”

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