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23rd Jun 2021

Sex expert says these are the four words you should always say in bed

Kieran Galpin

No, it’s not. “What about your ass?”

Plenty of stuff can be said during sex; a personal favourite of mine is “Have we got avocados left?”

But a sex expert Dr Emily Morse has said that four words make a massive difference to sexual encounters, and she is a doctor, so you have to believe her. These words increase communication, build trust but also make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. So personally, I think my choice in contemplating avocados is just as valid.

The phase is simple, concise and it is, “Do you like this?”

Dr Morse spoke to her 400K followers on Instagram, highlighting just why it is so important. “In my opinion, one of the hottest things ever is when a partner asks, ‘Do you like this?'”

“Some of us expect our partners to intuitively KNOW our sexual wants, but that’s rarely possible.

“Checking in during sex and letting your partner know when they’re doing something right leads to more pleasure, a deeper connection and better communication in other areas of your life.

“It’s the key to sexual success.”

“Do you like this” shouldn’t be like how it’s said in porn; in fact, real sex should be nothing like we see in porn. The phrase not only checks in on your partner but also reaffirms your own performance, which will lead to increase confidence, better stamina, and an overall increase in feeling more present.

So next time you are getting freaky, stop looking in the mirror or wondering what the football score is, check in on your partner.