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03rd Sep 2015

Sergio Busquets reveals *far* too much about his sex life

Premature revelations...


In a way, you’ve got to feel sorry for Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets.

Having amassed an impressive medal collection in his time, he’s often regarded as the man that does the dirty for some of his more flamboyant attacking teammates.

He’s by no means lacking in skill himself, but you’d understand the man getting a little disheartened when the likes of Messi, Iniesta and Xavi have taken all the plaudits through the years. But make no mistake about it – Sergio Busquets loves his football. He really loves his football.

To prove it, he compared it with his sex life (as you do) when speaking on Spanish TV show El Homiguero, but made a very honest admission while doing so.

“In football, happiness lasts three or four days. Sex, on the other hand, can last just one minute!”

Hmm. Whereas his work-rate and stamina on the field has never been in question, such a comment suggests the same can’t be said at home.

H/T The Mirror