Science reveals why you look ridiculous when you orgasm 5 years ago

Science reveals why you look ridiculous when you orgasm

Turns out we're not all that different when it comes to come faces.

Researchers analysing data from a Spanish study conducted in 2011 claim to have identified the most common features in nearly everyone's O-face.


Over 100 participants sent self-uploaded clips to researchers in order to have their faces analysed.

The results are... rather reassuring, actually.

92% of those viewed closed their eyes, 67% dropped their jaws, 48% frowned or lowered their brows and 44% parted their lips at the moment of climax.

The two simultaneous most common expressions were a jaw drop and closed eyes, which appeared in almost 36% of recorded instances and across both genders.

Various studies also confirm that the reason you look so painfully awkward when coming is because when orgasming the body has zero control over facial muscles.


Scientists at UCLA recently noted the link between several 'sex faces' and the faces people pull when in agonising amounts of pain. Interestingly, pain and pleasure are very similar neuro-chemically.

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