Rappers doing their household chores will motivate you to do yours, probably 4 years ago

Rappers doing their household chores will motivate you to do yours, probably

Rappers - they're just like you and I.

Sometimes you're just going peacefully about your day when BAM, a beloved memory from the past hits you square in the face. For me, earlier today, that memory was 50 Cent's most important tweet.


Back in 2010 when the world was a purer and more honest place, a successful rapper (who's been shot 9 times)'s biggest irritation in life was having to take the bins out.

It got me thinking. Rappers have to do housework too. I mean they can probably pay someone to do it if they're successful enough, but at some point or another, rappers have to do some household chores. Maybe seeing poorly Photoshopped images of them doing chores will inspire us to do our own housework? Unlikely, but let's give it a go.

Jay Z never forgets to call his Mom during his chores, which also include looking after a strange child that definitely isn't his



Kanye cleans the toilet every weekend. It's a boring task, so he attaches North to his arm for sport and support



Chance The Rapper cleans his glassware every fortnight, with the help of an unknown lady who enjoys scrubbing various textures of wood


Missy Elliott always loads up the dishwasher before bed so she can wake up to clean dishes in the morning



Lil' Kim doesn't like cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, so she often dances wildly to help move things along faster



Eminem hoovers with one hand and balances a tower of cupcakes in the other every Thursday, and you should too


DJ Khaled would be disgusted if he saw you sitting on your arse avoiding the laundry. Get up and do the fucking washing immediately


Fergie despises wiping down the counters to prevent bacteria spreading, but it's a small price to pay for the safety of her family


Macklemore finds cutting the grass an incredibly boring task, but he won't give his neighbour the satisfaction of having a nicer looking garden


Drake doesn't like separating his light clothes from his darks, but he knows they'll run into each other if he doesn't


Conclusion? You've just wasted a minute looking at rappers doing their chores while yours still remain undone. But truly, the most important household chore of all, is the banter.