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19th Jul 2021

Property expert’s tips to keep your house cool – and how to sleep in a heatwave

Kieran Galpin

TikTok’s top tips for a cool house in the summer

Constantly complaining about the weather is a staple in British culture, and today is no different. With temperatures sky-rocketing to thirsty-five degrees in some areas, social media is flooded with people complaining, b*tching, and hoping to god it rains.

That Property Guy on TikTok has shared some of his biggest tips and tricks to make sure that your house remains cool throughout the day. Grab a pen and paper because you’re going to want to write this down.

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Shut your windows and draw your curtains


Just the idea of this is practically blasphemy, and yet, the TikToker says it stops the hot air from travelling into your house during the day. If you are insistent on opening them up, he recommends doing so at opposite ends of the house, as this enhances airflow.

I am going to try it now; if no one hears from me, it’s because I have been boiled to death in my own home.

Ice Ice baby


Get some bowls and as much Ice as you can carry because this will help cool air to circulate around your house. Fill up your containers with water and ice, and then place them in front of a fan to get the air circulating.

If all else fails, use the ice to bulk make your favourite cocktail.

Don’t use the oven

Pizza in oven

This may seem obvious, but don’t fire up your oven for hours no matter how much you want to make the latest recipe your mum sent you on WhatsApp. Instead, try cooking outside and keeping all the heat where it should be.

Get rid of the duvet, then freeze your sheets


There is nothing worse than getting into bed after a long day, and the sheets feel like they are suffocating you. Within minutes you are sticking to everything, and what was a duvet then becomes a spooning partner.

But That Property Guy suggests removing your duvet entirely and just using your sheets as a blanket. For bonus points, you can put these in the freezer just before bed; that way, they are perfectly chilled, and so are you.

Switch lightbulbs


A trip to IKEA might be needed for this tip, but let’s be honest, no one needs an excuse to go to IKEA. Pick up LED lightbulbs as these will not only create less heat, but they are also so much better for the environment. While you’re at IKEA, pick up a few succulents to take your mind off the unbearable heat.