Pornhub releases list of most-searched movie and TV characters 5 months ago

Pornhub releases list of most-searched movie and TV characters

We'll never watch Scooby Doo in the same way again...

The popular adult entertainment site Pornhub has released its 2021 Year In Review and in doing so revealed the movie, TV and video game characters that users search for the most.


The site's round-up of the world's favourite alone-time-tendencies features a wealth of colourful insight for those looking to better understand our eclectic and ever-changing sexual preferences - from popular categories and what devices we use to view porn, to the differences between countries and how events and public holidays impact our randy down time - it's got the lot.

However one of the most intriguing statistics revealed is the fictional stars that have been searched for time and time again throughout 2021 - and it turns out, lockdown has given us a right penchant for pen, pencil and pixels.

The Joker's on-again-off-again girlfriend Harley Quinn claims the top spot of the most searched for character of 2021, followed closely by Wonder Woman in second place and Harry Potter in third. Maybe it's the specs.


Meanwhile, the same poll - which also incorporated searches for popular movie franchises - found that Star Wars, Avengers and rather bizarrely, Disney and Pixar's The Incredibles - also featured heavily. Who knew Mr Incredible and Elastigirl had such long-lasting appeal?

Black Widow, Spider-Man and Princess Leia also appeared on the list, with the folks at Pornhub going on to explain that "fantasy plays a big role in pornography. People are not simply looking for naked flesh, they’re interested in the stories that lead to each sexual encounter.

"It’s only natural that fans will want to see their favorite movie characters involved in sexual scenarios, so porn parodies are a popular adult film genre."

When it comes to TV shows and cartoons, it turns out we all have a thing for The Simpsons and Teen Titans, which both appeared first and second in their poll, respectively, followed by Scooby Doo in third place. We're sure there's a Shaggy joke to be made here but we're too lazy to figure it out.


Meanwhile, Fortnight, Minecraft, Overwatch and Pokemon swiped the top four spots in the Most Searched For Video Games poll in that order, while the Tomb Raider herself, Lara Croft, emerged top of the charts in the Most Searched For Video Game Character section.

To explore Pornhub's full report - in all its seedy, irresistibly tantalising glory - head here.

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