Reality TV star now makes £37,000 a week selling farts to strangers 5 months ago

Reality TV star now makes £37,000 a week selling farts to strangers

Stop the world, I want to get off

A reality TV star has gone viral after revealing that she can make tens of thousands of pounds a day by selling her farts in jars.


Stephanie Matto, 31, shot to fame recently after appearing on 90 Day Fiancé in the US. The show follows international couples as they live with each other for the first time in the United States while on the K-1 visa, which allows them 90 days to marry. If they don’t get married within that time frame, the visiting partner must return home once the visa expires.

However Matto has since gone viral on TikTok after posting a video titled 'Day in the life of a girl who sells her farts in a jar!'

In it, she demonstrates how she creates her 'product', even including a little bit of perfume and some petals in the jars.


The video has racked up over 392,000 likes and been viewed 6.6 million times.

@stepankamattoDon’t hate the player! Hate the game! ##90dayfiance ##90daysinglelife ##ASOSChaoticToCalm ##VansCheckerboardDay♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) - 山口夕依

So what's the creative process? The New Yorker told Buzzfeed that although she follows a "pretty strict diet" she does allow herself a couple of cheat days every week - and it is on these days that she will "indulge in specific types of foods that I know will make me more gassy."


Other videos on her account show her talking about making $45,000 in one week from selling her farts.

Speaking about her unique business venture, Stephanie said her main motivation was "money, but I also I thought it'd be a hilarious publicity move that would get a lot of people's attention."

@stepankamattoNow the only question remaining… did I really poot 97 times in 2 days? Leave your theories below! ?❤️ ##90dayfiance ##NBCAnnieLive ##DealGuesser♬ Take Me to Pluto - idonthateyou


She went on to say that because of her experiences as a founder of her own 18+ fan subscription site, Unfiltrd, she has become "very aware of the different types of niches and markets out there."

She explained: "Over the years, I've gotten a few messages from men and women wanting to buy my worn bras, panties, hair, bath water, etc. I thought farts were super niche, but also something fun, quirky, and different! It's almost like a novelty item!"

Stephanie said the people who typically buy her product "are usually those that like collecting oddities and are either fans of me or the show," and that her inbox on Unfiltrd is "flooded" with requests for jars. She has also apparently been getting requests for "videos of me creating the jars."

She has apparently made more than $50,000 (£37,800) since she started selling her emissions.

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