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10th Jul 2024

‘Our neighbour has 9 cars parked outside our house – my revenge cost them £90k’

Charlie Herbert

A bit of patience and some faith in local bureaucracy paid off…

We don’t always get on with our neighbours, and when this is the case feuds can develop between people on the same street.

One woman has explained how she decided to get revenge on her neighbours and their numerous motors – which ended costing them thousands.

She told how her neighbours persistently parked their nine cars outside her house, despite them having their own driveway.

Writing on Reddit, she said: “My neighbours have nine cars total parked in the street.

“They always park two of those cars in front on my house and won’t move them the whole week. We have a regulation where you live that you can’t leave your car parked for more than 48 hours in the same spot.”

Their reasoning for not using their own driveway? It “looks tacky.”

The woman continued:  “They have told me they don’t like to leave their driveway with cars because it looks tacky. Over half the cars they have they don’t even use them. They just use them to safe parking spots for themselves.”

Eventually, the woman lost patience with her selfish neighbours and decided it was time to get her own back.

And when she spotted some building work on a second unit at the back of their property, she took her opportunity.

The woman submitted a report to the council about the some potential “illegal residential building without permits” on the property.

And eventually, more than a year later, she reaped her rewards when she noticed the neighbours “tearing down their second unit.”

She said: “Word got around our block that a city inspector was there making sure everything was being torn down. Based on what they materials and labor they put into their second unit, I cost them over $100,000 (£90,000).”

Some people on Reddit offered some alternative methods she, or anyone else annoyed at selfish parking, could use to get some slightly swifter revenge.

One person suggested they should “accidentally scatter bird seed around their parked cars every day” so that the cars become covered in bird poo, with another adding that bird poo is “acidic and eats thru paint jobs!”

Someone else said: “You need to give their cars some shade. Plant a couple of Mulberry trees as close to the curb as you are allowed.

“They grow fast and the berries make a real mess, not to mention the birds who stop to eat those berries.”

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