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10th Jun 2024

‘My neighbour fined me £200 for parking in my own drive, so I got my own back in the best way’

Callum Boyle

Revenge tastes oh so sweet

A car fanatic who received a £200 fine from his neighbour for parking on his own drive managed to take revenge in the sweetest fashion.

The man in question was putting his mechanical skills to the test by restoring an old motor however his neighbours across the street took exception to this and after receiving a fine through the post for not having his car “properly licensed” decided to take action.

Posting to a Reddit forum the anonymous user said: “I had a classic Cadillac that I had been restoring. I had already completed all of the interior and exterior bodywork and paint. I had the engine out and was slowly rebuilding it.

“The car sat in my driveway beside my garage. This is about the time a new neighbour moved in across the street from me. A few days after he moved in I received a violation of the city ordinance that all vehicles on private property must be fully registered and licensed.”

He continued: “When I called the city wondering why after more than two years, they were hassling me. I was told there had been a complaint. So I threw a cover over the car. A week later I got another violation. The cover wasn’t enough. I moved the car to my back yard, parked it between two sheds with the cover….another violation and this time there was a fine. I took it to court.

“I was told that the ordinance was clear. No vehicle could be parked on private property unless it was properly licensed. It was part of the blight laws. It cost me $250 (£200). So I got even with the city and my new neighbour. I owned the lot next to my house and generally used it for family gatherings. I now decided that this would make a great place for an art exhibit. I moved the car to the front of that lot, put it on a foundation, and painted it purple, pink, and green.

“I said it was an art sculpture and let them take me to court. I took a pic of Cadillac Ranch in Texas as one of my exhibits that my car was a piece of art. The judge agreed and that ‘work of art’ stayed in my yard for the next eight years until I moved.”

Reddit users react to revenge tale

One user responded underneath the story, saying: “Why do people complain about stuff like this? It is none of their business and these cars aren’t hurting anyone.”

Another person then replied to the comment, saying: “Because they’re miserable and have apparently nothing better to do than make others miserable like themselves.”

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