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05th Oct 2022

OnlyFans mum has last laugh after getting banned from kids’ sport matches

Jack Peat

Sara Blake Cheek is now a millionaire making a name for herself in the world of sports

An OnlyFans model has had the last laugh after she was barred from her children’s sports club by uptight parents.

Sara Blake Cheek, 31, and her husband, Matt Cheek, 38, started sharing explicit videos and pictures on OnlyFans in November 2020.

The couple’s content blew up overnight and soon the pair were making $30k a month – posting raunchy pictures and videos of their romps.

But they claim when people in their community found out about Sara’s newfound career, they were treated differently.

She was asked to stay clear of the local sports team where her children play football and cheerlead, which she said had a detrimental impact on her sports-mad family.

“The fact that I was banned from my kids football league for doing OnlyFans was so detrimental because we are a football family,” she said.

“The cheerleading coach demanded that I not be allowed to attend anything with my kids and that all communication only be through my husband or my daughter wouldn’t be allowed to cheer.”

The couple were forced to move away to live a rural life on a farm and home-school their children – Chandler, 10, Camden, nine, Corey, seven and Carson, three.

They said they moved because of “backlash” but have “no regrets” about their decision.

The former salon owner is the cover of a Playboy magazine this month and she is starting to conquer the world of sports too.

She has appeared on ESPN and Fox Sports and she now co-hosts The Coach JB Show with Sara Blake.

Speaking with the Daily Star, she said: “Landing a Playboy cover is something you dream of.

“And dominating as a Playboy bunny in the sports industry as a mum of four, an OnlyFans creator and a wife is literally something nobody has been able to do before.

“I keep saying this is only the beginning. I have maintained being a top creator on OnlyFans and have made a million dollars.”

She added: “The perception that doing OnlyFans will prevent you from having a career is an outdated judgement made by the Karens and Steves of the world.

“Being bold in your sexuality is actually a super power. Not many people assume I am intelligent or knowledgeable in the sports industry, so when I am able to prove them wrong, it’s winning.

“If you want to do OnlyFans and be successful at it, you have to know your brand, and have extremely tough skin. You will get a hundred nos before you get one yes when pursuing a career outside of it. Well behaved women rarely make history.”

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