21 things you could only see in a Wetherspoons 4 years ago

21 things you could only see in a Wetherspoons

1. Someone in a giant dick costume casually mingling with the rest of the punters


Photo: @avin_a_mair


2. A guy enjoying the warm breeze on his dick that only a hand dryer can provide



3. A mulitpack of Wotsits discarded in the toilets

Photo: @Tim_Sellick


4. Crucial updates on the calorie content of chips


Photo: @Piekos


5. Your favourite superheroes relieving themselves



6. An old fella wearing a gilet made of beer mats


Photo: @Flipflop82Ph

Otherwise known as 'The Most Wetherspoons Thing Ever'.


7. Sauces in the urinal

Photo: @pandy280884


8. Shit in the urinal

Guys, stop putting things that aren't urine in the urinal.


9. It's the only place where Newcastle Brown Ale can be considered a world beer


10. 'Criminals' openly chatting about their 'crimes'

Filing this one under 'Things That Definitely Happened'.


11. Old boys having a shave in the toilets

Gotta look sharp for the big CAMRA meeting.


12. People who swapped fashion for comfort a long time ago

Photo: @Bob_TheBaldie


13. In Wetherspoons you can see someone getting some big news and getting a round in to celebrate almost simultaneously


14. It's the only place where you run the risk of matching your shirt with the plates

Photo: @ellisedentonxx


15. Nowhere else has banter levels running so dangerously high

Photo: @joewakefordcom


16. Of course there's the obligatory dude in a lizard mask having a drink

Photo: @midnightinquire


17. People openly coming in just to steal the sauce sachets


18. Ladies leaving important articles behind


19. The world's most depressing cream tea

Photo: @Ross_Poet


20. Someone in a full dinosaur costume

Photo: @dinohireuk


21. Aaand a Chuckle Brother having a spot of lunch

No one appreciates Curry Club more than Paul Chuckle.

Feature: @pandy280884 / @ellisedentonxx