One handy trick to sort out all your iPhone syncing needs 5 years ago

One handy trick to sort out all your iPhone syncing needs

Considering they're called smartphones, the average iPhone finds a simple sync far too difficult at times.

Too often owners will go to sync their iPhone to a Mac only to find their phone has erased some of their apps, music, photos or more.


The problem gets worse when you try and sync your phone to more than one Mac, so using your mate's laptop for a last minute charge is a dicey proposition.

Thankfully, these handy tricks will stop you from losing your best bits of media next time you try to sync up your iPhone.



Use a third party app to take care of your sync.

An app like AnyTrans can do all of the heavy lifting of syncing your iPhone. Once you download the app to your computer, syncing over your desired content is a relatively straightforward case of selecting all of the media you want on your phone and sending it over to be synced.


Manage your iPhone manually.

Your second method involves a little bit more tech wizardary, but is no less rewarding.

As started on the official Apple Support website, "When manually managing content, you can add content from multiple libraries to your iPod or iPad. Even when manually managing music."

The trick to avoid having your phone wiped during your first install is to use a third party app like AnyTrans to store you stuff. Once you've set your iPhone to manually manage music and videos mode you'll be able to transfer music from multiple Macs without getting the alert to remove your content.

It's a little fiddly, but more than worth it to keep that special album of yours. Never get caught out again.