Woman’s 'objection prank’ at sister’s wedding completely backfires 2 months ago

Woman’s 'objection prank’ at sister’s wedding completely backfires

Oh mate...

A woman's attempt at a joke in the middle of a wedding went down like a lead balloon after she decided to be that person who actually objects during the ceremony. Brace for cringe.


As detailed in an Am I The Asshole? Reddit post, which has since been deleted (probably for the best), she goes on to explain how after being engaged for two years, she apparently ruined her sister's big day with her outburst.

She begins by stating: “I don’t hate her. We were never the closest of sisters due to our age difference but we didn’t hate each other. Her fiancé (now husband) is a great man. I really am happy for them."

Not a bad start but wait for it...


“So fast forward to the wedding ceremony, when the priest finally said ‘are there any objections?’ I stood up and said ‘I object.. (long pause) because this couple is way too cute for each other!" Oh heavens no.

Insisting that she simply "said it as a joke" and "thought it was something we could all laugh about at reception", she quickly found out that the bride found it anything but.

“I could visibly see the colour drain off my sister’s face the moment I stood up”, the anonymous poster revealed, adding that while it “didn’t really get any laughs” and her sibling “looked away" as if to make it look like she "didn't care", she quite clearly did.

After sitting back down and seeing out the rest of the ceremony, she then went up to her sister to congratulate her, at which point she "absolutely blew up."


“She told me my joke wasn’t funny and that I ruined her mood, her happiness, and her special day", said the ill-advised prankster, adding that she went on to try and argue her defence before her sister walked simply walked away.

Waking up in the morning to a flurry of notifications from family members calling her asshole, she decided the best place to go for a second opinion was the internet.

What do we reckon folks, is it a bit much from the bride and the rest of the family - or is this just an objection prank gone terribly wrong and the response completely justified?

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