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13th Apr 2017

Nothing to see here, just a few police officers chasing a rampaging pig

Paul Moore


Metropolitan Police’s Road & Transport unit had to go bacon breaking some hearts recently after they apprehended a rogue pig that was gallivanting through the streets.

While the pig’s motives are unclear, we’re happy to speculate. We reckon that the pig was no longer happy with his porklife and fancied reenacting Babe: Pig in the City.

After such a rigorous chase, we wonder if the officers needed oinkment for their hands. After all, their job is the very definition of a lard day’s night

While this clip is hilarious, we’re reckon that this is an obvious incident of police brutality because it’s clearly a case of hamophobia. This being said, we’re certain that there will be no re-pork-ussions for the officers that were on duty.

A spokesperson for New Scotland Yard said in a statement. “Police were called at 12:45hrs on Wednesday, 12 April to the A12 in Redbridge, near the junction with Hainault Road, RM6, to reports of a pig on the loose. Officers attended the scene and the pig was safely recaptured and returned to the nearby land that it had escaped from.”

Any chance that the pig was running away from David Cameron?

Take a look at this crackling video.