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30th Mar 2015

McDonald’s could be selling McMuffins all day in breakfast menu revolution

Proof that God exists? JOE's prayers have been answered...

Ben Kenyon

Stop what you’re doing right now and listen.

We have a very important announcement to make.

McDonald’s could be about to start serving its world famous breakfasts All. F*cking. Day.

Cue wild celebrations….

family guy animated GIF

The US burger chain announced it was about to start trialing the idea in a few restaurants across the pond in San Diego.

Want a Bacon and Egg McMuffin for dinner? No Problem. Hankering for some pancakes on the way home from the pub? Fill yer boots.

It’s sure to be a massive success. If (or when) it is, good old Ron McDonald could be rolling out those beautiful breakfast McMuffins beyond the traditional 10:30am cut-off.

mcdonalds animated GIF

Remember those days when you’d roll up at 11am for some hot McMuffiny goodness only to leave deflated with a not-so-Happy Meal?

Well those days are almost over. Everyone at JOE is counting down. We won. We won our toughest battle.

Adam Sandler will be pleased…