Marijuana could be the cure for your worst hangover symptoms 5 years ago

Marijuana could be the cure for your worst hangover symptoms

Since the legalisation of marijuana in several US states, more and more people have been enjoying the benefits of the drug.

Of course, it remains a Class B substance on these shores - for the time being, at least.


But beyond the well-documented medical benefits, smoking weed could have a less scientific and more anecdotal application - helping cure hangovers.

(Senator International/Tumblr)

Elite Daily has identified the common hangover symptoms which can be helped by marijuana, and there could be quite a few benefits.

If last night's alcohol is interrupting your sleep, the noted relaxant might make the difference, while many who have partaken of the drug will attest to its ability to calm pounding headaches, hangover-induced or otherwise.

The report cites studies mentioning the ability of weed to calm nausea, while some users have claimed hangover-induced anxiety can be tempered by a puff on a joint (though this doesn't work in all cases).


And then, of course, there's the loss of appetite that comes with hangovers. Unable to even manage a slice of toast? If only there was a substance which made any sort of snack instantly appealing.

Of course, stoners may well tell you they knew all this already.