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29th Jun 2018

Instagram now lets you add music to your Stories, and this is how to do it

Rory Cashin

The company is making the addition to celebrate a massive milestone.

On Thursday, Instagram announced that they have 400 million daily users of their app, which is nothing short of insanely impressive.

They also revealed last week that their Stories now has over one billion users, which is a huge jump considering that the addition was only put in place back in 2016.

So to celebrate these huge achievements, the company announced that they’ll be soon be letting you add music to your Stories, and it couldn’t be easier.

Just take your photo or video as you normally would on Stories, and where the stickers currently are that let you edit the main image – Location, Weather, Polls, etc. – Instagram will be adding a new sticker that will allow you to add some music.

They’ve stated that there will be thousands of tracks for you to choose from, and that you can add whatever track you like from their library, then scroll til you get to the part of the song you want over the image or video, and you’re done!

Mashable are reporting that the new feature will be rolling out on iOS and Android from today (Thursday 28 June), so all you may need to do is update the app on your phone, and you’re set!