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25th Dec 2021

Husband divides opinions with Christmas meal hack to save on washing up

Kieran Galpin

Genius? Or lazy washing up hack?

One man has divided the nation after sharing an ingenious tip for washing up at Christmas that is slated to save a lot of time.

Last year, a dad decided to leave “washing dishes” out of his day entirely, so instead served his family their Christmas dinner in huge foil oven trays.

The food was centred in the middle of the table so that people could help themselves and then simply throw the trays out afterwards.


His wife shared images of the hack on Facebook while admitting the idea seemed a little strange at first, but she eventually came around. The couple have not been named in media reports.

But the idea has divided the nation, and now a year on, it’s still a huge talking point.

One mum wrote: “I like doing the table up nice for the children, to make it special for them – but could do it as a joke one year when they are older.”

Similarly, another said: “No, no, no – I wouldn’t eat off tin foil. So lazy.”

Pointing out the environmental impact, one person wrote: “This ends up in landfill I presume. It doesn’t take long to wash a few plates – get the family involved…and use the pretty plates instead of this.”

Echoing the above sentiments, another said: “My thoughts exactly – if everyone did this it would be so bad for the environment. Takes two minutes to wash a few plates.”

But not everyone hates the idea, in fact, some are going to adopt the idea this year.

One woman wrote: “Might have to do this the way my toddler keeps smashing plates – she has plastic ones but gets hold of ours.”

Another mum was on board: “I already use baking trays to cook everything, paper plated are too small and don’t hold gravy well but this is epic.”

While it’s obvious that the foil track hack is highly divisive, it does save on the mountains of washing up usually allocated to one unlucky family member.

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