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13th Dec 2021

‘My partner puts £15 towards my Christmas present whenever we sleep together’

Danny Jones

Man puts £15 towards Christmas presents every time they have sex

We don’t know what’s funnier: the fact this bloke is paying for sex while in a relationship or how full that jar is?

A woman and her partner are being roasted online after she posted a picture of their – for want of a better word – sexy piggy bank on Reddit. Let us explain…

The post, which originally appeared on the r/funny thread, has since been re-shared on the r/trashy subreddit and, essentially, shows a jar stuffed with $20 bills. As you can see, the label reads: “Every time we f*** I owe you $20. So your Christmas gift depends on you LOL”.

Classy stuff, ‘Tizzy’, whoever you are.

As is to be expected, many online have found this little trade of twenty bucks (£15) for a bit of nookie to be harmless little bit of fun at Christmas, with some remarking “Every relationship is transactional at some level” and more than a few replying with something along the lines of “That’s my marriage lol”.

Although the arrangement is clearly consensual and merely comedic more than anything else (after all, that jar is pretty darn full), others have been slightly more judgemental – though they are on r/trashy, so what were you expecting?

While many pointed out that this is essentially prostitution, some people described it as “sad” and “cringe”, while others simply thought that “sharing the fuck jar with the world is kinda trashy, ngl.”

On the other hand, there were a fair few who took a more measured approach, like those who said “What two consenting adults do in the comfort of their own homes”, “Sounds like a fun couple. And it’s pretty tame compared to the shit I’ve seen or heard about” or “I don’t think it’s trashy tbh, some people seem to struggle with other peoples sense of humour”

At the end of the day, every relationship is different and if this is what works for them and they enjoy turning a fun little game into an exercise in buying Christmas presents, carry on.

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