This has to be the most honest room rental ad in the world 4 years ago

This has to be the most honest room rental ad in the world

You're really selling it, man.

The renting crisis is well and truly upon us.


You'd have a hard time scrolling through the number of online adverts without coming across approximately 87 properties that are either overpriced, tiny, or simply not what was described in the ad.

It's almost a breath of fresh air then to see a room rental advert that gives the truth, gets right to the heart of the matter, and tells potential occupants all they need to know.

... That the room is a "cramped shithole." 


Or at least, according to the person who's currently living there, it is.

The room in London's Whitechapel is going for £660 per month including bills.

It comes with a double bed, a built-in wardrobe, a tube station pretty nearby, and a Sainsbury's around the corner.


Sounds pretty alright to us, but as the ad suggests, it is indeed a "cramped shithole" so who are we to question it?

The person trying to rent the room out wrote:

"Cramped shithole in E1.

"Looking for someone to replace me as I am leaving London. Current tenants are British, Italian, and New Zealander, including a student, an accountant, a chef, a waitress, and a junior banker."


"Fully fitted kitchen with gas cooker and washing machine. Maintenance through the agency has been very quick to fix any problems.

"Available from the start of February but if you desperately need to move in before then that's fine as well."

We're almost positive that, despite the fact that this place is apparently a "cramped shithole," it will absolutely be snapped up within the week.

It might be cramped, but damn if that's not a decent location.