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16th Dec 2015

Have you eaten in any of the world’s 10 best restaurants?


Unless you happen to know exactly what your parents want for Christmas, we’re sure you’ve probably thought about buying them a voucher for their favourite restaurant.

If your folks also happen to be travelling in the next few months then a certificate to one of these swanky joints might be well received – although they’ll probably have to get the main course and dessert themselves.


According to La Liste – an independent group of culinary experts that was created by France’s Foreign Minister and tourism board – the top restaurant in the world is the Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, Switzerland.

The rest of the top 10 is completed below as shared by Time.

Restaurant Guide

Unlike the more established ‘World’s 50 Best’ ranking, La Liste claims to be the definitive guide to the world’s best restaurants because it’s not based on personal visits from chefs.

La Liste collates its ranking by aggregating scores from 200 food guides, online review sites, publications and notable industry standards like Michelin stars, Zagat and Yelp.

We’re not that surprised to see there aren’t any English venues, to be