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13th Aug 2023

Furious builder gets revenge with chainsaw after not being paid for work

Callum Boyle


Moral of the story: Pay your workers

A builder who allegedly hadn’t been paid by a customer took matters into his own hands after he was filmed on top of a roof with a chainsaw.

Video footage caught on camera in Swords, County Dublin shows him climbing onto a roof of an extension before firing up the tool.

He then begins to start hacking away at the roof with the chainsaw as people inside came rushing out in shock.

The builder can be heard shouting: “This is what happens when you don’t pay the f***ing bill,” before climbing down from the roof, where the footage ends.

After being posted on Reddit, hundreds joined the comments section where it was revealed that the builder had apparently several other forms of protest before choosing the option involving the chainsaw.

One person explained: “Saw this builder sitting at a roundabout beside the house in question the other day where he erected several large signs saying ‘(house number) (street name) DID NOT PAY FOR BUILDING WORK’ he parked his van beside the roundabout with the same sign in the window. I would imagine the homeowners were well warned.”

If you’ve learned anything from this, it’s pay the people who do the work for you on time.

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