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24th Jun 2016

19 tweets about the EU referendum that’ll give Remain voters something to laugh at

If we don't laugh we'll cry.

Alex Finnis

1. The night started with Remain winning in the exit polls, and things looking bad for UKIP:

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.39.33

2. But as soon as the first results came in from the North East, we knew we were in for a long night:

3. Ed Miliband made his debut Soccer Saturday appearance:

4. And Wales gave itself a makeover:

5. The BBC tried to bring a bit of magic to the evening:

6. Once more results started rolling in, the pound started plummeting, which could only mean one thing:

7. But at least people were seeing the funny side:

8. Even if it was kind of terrifying:

9. The weirdest point of the night was definitely when Lindsay Lohan decided to get involved:

10. And as always, the results definitely weren’t reflecting what people were saying on Twitter:

11. By the morning, leave had won, and David Cameron announced he’ll resign – but with a shocking replacement:

12. People had suggestions for how to stable the ship:

13. And a lot of people were very angry at Nigel Farage:

14. Like, really angry:

15. Scotland voted to remain, and felt pretty let down:

16. Basically, a lot of people just felt like this:

17. What just happened suddenly felt very real:

18. Because Boris and Farage are kind of our mum and dad now:

19. And India, India was just shocked by the whole damn process: