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15th Jun 2016

Former Art Attack presenter has had a COMPLETE change of career

We did not see this happening...

Rebecca Keane

You NEED to see this.

Art Attack was one of the best shows of the 90’s, showcasing presenter Neil Buchanan constantly making some glorious thing out of a few scraps of paper.

He was like a magician, making clay, flowers and other bits and bobs in a matter of seconds on camera – he had us all mesmerised.

The classic show has celebrated its 26th anniversary and what better way to reminisce than to check up on Neil Buchanan and see what he’s doing.

The former TV presenter hasn’t found fame painting, making clay statues or even drawing – no, he’s abandoned art for a life in rock’n’roll.

neilPerforming as part of rock band Marseille, the former host of Art Attack is rockin’ out on the regular, touring and recording music with the band.

WHAT a turn of events.

Images via YouTube