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18th Feb 2024

Expectant mum in shock as she gets sacked one day after telling boss she’s pregnant

Nina McLaughlin

“Terminated via text.”

A pregnant woman has been left in shock after being sacked one day after telling her boss that she was expecting.

Amy explained that she was working for a tech company when she was fired seemingly out of nowhere.

The 29-year-old shared her tale on TikTok after being sacked on February 6.

Having been at the company for four months, she was informed via text message that her contract had been terminated ‘due to excessive sick leave’.   

“Good morning Amy, not sure if you’re working today we’ve decided to cease your employment due to excessive sick leave as you’re still in your probation period,” the whole message read.

“Please return your work items, monitors, laptops etc.”

In the video, the TikToker explained that a day prior she had messaged her boss to tell them that she couldn’t work due to ‘pregnancy-related illness’, and had to take the day off sick.

However, at just 7.47am the next day, she received the email telling her that she had been fired.

“There’s no HR department there, no one to to tell and my boss was away until Christmas,” the expectant mum told Daily Mail Australia. “I don’t know who I was supposed to tell.”

“We are in 2024 and employers can’t just go ahead and do whatever they want just because you’re pregnant or on probation or whatever they deem fit,” she added.

“Employers should consult with HR or legal representatives before doing anything rash.”

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Comments on her TikTok video about her dismissal are urging her to reach out to Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman.

“Go to Fair Work. I had this happen during my pregnancy last year and I won my court case,” one person wrote.

A second said: “I work in HR and deal with terminations etc all the time. They made a risky decision! Contact FW for advice.”

“Definitely take this to fair work,” a third added.