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13th Nov 2018

UK police thank David Schwimmer after lookalike was arrested this week

Rory Cashin

The one where Ross helped the UK police catch a thief

You might remember from a few weeks back, but in case you don’t, Blackpool police were on the lookout for a man who stole beers from a shop.

The suspect is seen in the photo carrying a crate of cans out of a location in the town centre. Authorities wanted to speak to him in relation to a theft at a Blackpool restaurant on the September 20.

But, there’s a curve ball, the suspect looks remarkably like David Schwimmer.

Of course, everyone noticed how much they lookalike and it became somewhat of an internet sensation on Wednesday when the image was released.

In fact, even Schimmer himself saw the picture and issued a brilliant response to it and clearing up any lingering doubts about his involvement in the theft.

It is, to date, still Schwimmer’s one and only tweet.

But clearly it helps that he took himself off the suspect list, as the police in the UK believe they have successfully apprehended the culprit, and thanked Ross in the process (p-ROSS-ess?):

The Lancashire Police made the following statement via Twitter:

“Following the appeal we posted looking for a man who resembles a well-known actor, we now have an update. Thanks to our colleagues at the Met Police UK, a 36-year-old man was arrested in Southall last night on suspicion of theft. Thank you for the support, especially David Schwimmer!”