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18th Oct 2023

Dad uses eBay to buy six-bed Bulgaria home for £3k after getting frustrated with UK prices

Joseph Loftus

What a bargain

A British dad who grew fed up of UK house prices has bought a six bedroom home in Bulgaria for 3k.

Rob Davies was outraged by the price of properties in his homeland and so took to eBay out of frustration before spotting a home available in Golyamo Krushevo, Bulgaria, for just three grand.

Although the house definitely needs a lot of work, Rob, from the west coast of Scotland, is absolutely over the moon with his purchase.

Located just 20 miles north of the Turkish border, Rob’s new home came with half an acre of land too.

He will have to splash out on a lot of work though, as the house doesn’t have fitted bathroom, a kitchen, or even windows, but for £3,000 who can really complain?


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Rob says that the house was built more than 100 years ago and has been abandoned since the 80s.

He said that while it definitely needs a makeover he was ‘sold’ on the home after seeing it online.

More specifically he said: “I’m always looking for properties on the market, to see if there are any bargains out there.

“I was just doing a random search on eBay, just typing in properties to see what there is. And that’s how it came about.”

He then said: “I sent them a message saying I was interested, I want it, I think we paid a £200 deposit, got the keys and the rest is history.

“It was basically four walls with a roof, but, it was ours. It felt amazing to actually go, we want a property, we can’t do that in the UK.”

While Rob said that the purchase is a gamble, he’s hoping the investment will leave a lasting legacy for his children.

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