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04th Jul 2018

The weather is so warm that there are even cows sunbathing on a beach in Ireland

Udderly ridiculous

Paul Moore

Udderly ridiculous

Much like every single person on the British Isles in this glorious heatwave, a bunch of cows preferred to moove to sandier pastures and get some sun. Hand on heart, it’s one of the best ideas that we’ve herd because this spell of great weather is surely due to bovine intervention – enjoy it while it lasts.

On that note, these cows actually hit the beach rather than stay in the field and we think it’s an udderly genius idea to take in some sun, sand and sea. We really hope that they milked their stay for everything it’s worth.

Hell, what does a cow that’s surfing say? Cowabunga.

We’ll go away forever.

Anyways, a herd of cows decided to head to the beach and truth be told, the steaks are high for the cow that decided to organise this venture.

Aside from trying to get a tan on their hides, there’s the expectation to keep everyone amoosed at the beach.

After looking at these clips and images, it’s fair to say that that it’s not friesian in Mullaghmore Beach,  Sligo.