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27th Jul 2022

Chip shop sparks fury after charging £2… for the cheese on ‘cheesy chips’

Jack Peat

It cheddars belief! 

A chip shop has sparked fury by charging £2 for cheese – on ‘cheesy chips’.

One reddit user called out Mariners Fish & Chips in Penryn in Cornwall for charging the fee.

The user shared a picture of the menu at which stated that a regular portion of chips is £2.90 and a large is £4.90.

But it said the addition of cheese costs another £2 on top.

Reddit users were shocked by the prices, with one commenting: “What they didn’t tell you is the cheese they’re adding is a fine brie with cranberry.

“At that price it would have to be something fancy, or the biggest mountain of cheese ever seen on a cheesy chips.”

Another said: “Hope you get a block’s worth of cheese for that. Where is this, London?”

The original poster argued the chippies is “one of the most popular around, always busy and its competition has just closed.”

They wrote: “This place is not struggling. They are charging these prices because they can. Credit where its due, their food is great. But still overpriced.”

One commenter argued the takeaway could have put prices up after losing customers.

They said: “Everyone is taking the p**s at the moment and I don’t know why because all the queues have disappeared from the chippy.

“Pubs and restaurants are pretty empty, everyone has cut back because of high prices, so they lose out even more in the end!”

Another commenter said: “I’d pay that…for a nice cheese”, with others joking: “This is why I always have a pocket full of shredded cheese wherever I go.”

Not everyone was shocked by the price, however, with one person writing: “Cheese, where I live, in Asda is about £2.50/2.70. The price has gone up quite a bit.”

Another added: “Serves you right for ordering cheesy chips with curry sauce!”

Others shared their own experiences of costly lunches, with one saying it cost them £2.50 to add chicken to a Caesar salad.

Mariners Fish & Chips have been approached for comment.

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