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31st Jan 2023

Britain’s ugliest dog crowned as judges claim they’ve discovered ‘a star’

Steve Hopkins

‘Some people find Peggy’s unusual appearance strange, and in rare cases off-putting’

The judges of Britain’s ugliest dog competition have said they “never imagined we would discover a star – but that’s exactly what happened” after a Pug and Chinese Crested cross, called Peggy, was crowned.

Peggy’s owner, Holly Middleton from Leven, near Hornsea, in East Yorkshire, who made several television appearances with her Pugese in the lead up to the competition, says her pooch is “beautiful both inside and out”.

Peggy will now receive a grooming session and professional photo-shoot in honour of her victory.

Holly submitted Peggy’s application along with a photo of the four-legged friend dolled up in her best, including a pear necklace.

Holly, 36, said friends and family had told them Peggy was “in with a good chance” when they entered her in the contest run by photography printing firm Parrot Print.

“We tend to forget Peggy isn’t your standard looking dog and we are very aware some people would refer to Peggy as ugly,” she told the BBC.

“It’s always in a humorous way and we don’t take offence, and neither does she.

“Even though some people find Peggy’s unusual appearance strange, and in rare cases off-putting, and despite Peggy winning the ugliest dog in the UK title, we think she is beautiful both inside and out, and wouldn’t change her for the world.”

Parrot Print judges said they were never in any doubt who would win, with founder Matt Dahan admitting: “We all absolutely adore Peggy.”

“When we launched this contest I never once thought we’d find a dog like her who manages to be both ugly and so, so cute all at the same time.

“She is so loved by Holly and her family which is fantastic to see.”

Holly adopted Peggy online at the end of 2018 when she was the last remaining pup of an accidental litter.

“We loved her the Instant we laid eyes on her with her big brown eyes, little tuft of white hair and her tongue lolling out to one side. I just felt sorry for her, sat there with no hair and her tongue out, ” she explained previously.

“From the moment Peggy arrived, she’s been a beloved addition to our family. “She has grown up alongside our two boys and is the most loving, laid back and gentle dog we could ever ask for.”

Peggy made headlines across the country in recent weeks, as she appeared on BBC Breakfast, ITV’s This Morning, Channel 5 News, and more to promote the competition.

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