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25th Nov 2023

Bloke from famous ‘gurning man’ meme reveals what he was on that night

Charlie Herbert

Bloke from famous 'gurning man' meme reveals what he was on that night

Explains a lot

It’s a gif and meme that we’ve surely all seen at least once on the internet – the gurning raver.

He’s become synonymous with big nights out and the horror of being caught on camera when you’re looking a bit worse for wear.

Now, the man in question has revealed exactly what substances he had consumed when the iconic video was taken.

Shaun Jackson shot to internet stardom after appearing in a promo video for a Preston nightclub, Bounce by the Ounce, in 2014.

In the four-minute video, he really steals the show thanks to his incredible gurning and funky dance moves.

(YouTube/Bounce by the Ounce/SS Movies)

Since then, he’s become a cult hero in the raving scene and the gif of him enjoying himself on the dance floor has no doubt been shared in group chats across the land countless times.

Without wanting to put too fine a point on it, it wasn’t alcohol alone that got him into that state, and in 2019 he revealed exactly what he had taken on that fateful night out.

Appearing on the Flexxed podcast, he said he hadn’t even planned to go out that evening and had never heard of Bounce by the Ounce.

But he thought he’d see what was what.

He told the podcast: “So I’ve gone out from there that night, three quarters of a bottle of Vodka already down by neck and then three or four drags of real good MD (MDMA).

“The rest is history!”

When asked if he knew that cameras were filming him, Jackson said that he had decided to be bit over the top because he “loves cameras.”

He added: “When I go out anyway if there is a camera there or not, I am always doing a bit of mad stuff just to get people laughing.”

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