Barista's attempt to chat up a customer goes viral (Pics) 6 years ago

Barista's attempt to chat up a customer goes viral (Pics)

Fromantic or crappuccino?

We're all for a bit of good old fashioned romance, but perhaps not served up with our coffee order.


It seems that this Starbucks barista tried to mix business with pleasure but ended up looking like a mug after he tried to charm a customer by the name of Laura Roberts via her coffee cup.

The original heat warning on the bottom of the cup read "Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot” but the latte making Lothario doctored it to read "Careful, you’re extremely hot".

Coffee Cup


The chat up attempt backfired because Miss Roberts's mother found out about it and shared the image on the Facebook page S**t London.

Message C

It seems that Laura didn't mind the chat up attempt because she told the Mail that ''He's a nice boy and he wouldn't have been trying to offend anyone. People should just take it as a joke and I want him to know that. He's very nice but sadly for him I'm taken."