Australian cyclist uses GPS to recreate Nirvana’s Nevermind cover 7 months ago

Australian cyclist uses GPS to recreate Nirvana’s Nevermind cover

It is the first GPS-based art project he's taken on either

A cyclist in Australia has recreated Nirvana's iconic Nevermind cover as the album celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this week.


Pete Stokes used his exercise and GPS tracking app Strava to plot his course around the city of Adelaide, with his path leading to this impressive artistic feat.

Australian cyclist recreates Nevermind cover Credit: Pete Stokes' Instagram

It might not be da Vinci but it's pretty bloody considering he did on a bike. The sheer plotting out of the route and ensuring you hit every at the right point must take some serious planning.

The cover, which depicts a naked baby, has caused some discussion over recent weeks and months, as it has since been labelled "child pornography" by the man who appeared in it as an infant. Spencer Elden, now 30 himself, even asked for the image not to be used by the band leading up to the anniversary.

This isn't even the only digital line-drawing he has created on his travels around the area either; he has recreated everything from Beethoven on his 250th birthday.

Strava art Credit: Pete Stokes' Instagram

'Strava Art' or simply GPS art has actually been quite the trend over the past few years; there's even an entire site dedicated for people to post their creations and marvel at other people's submissions.

The discussion around the album cover might still be controversial, but it's clear that Stokes was clearly just paying homage to an album not only he but entire generations still love, telling Guardian Australia: “When this album came out I was in high school – I was about 14, and that’s when you’re forming your love of music.”

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