15 foot alligator wanders across golf course in Florida 3 years ago

15 foot alligator wanders across golf course in Florida

He's a big boy

'Chubbs' the alligator is a well-known resident on the Florida golfing scene. He went viral a couple of years ago when he wandered across a course as bemused/terrified locals looked on, and now he's back.


Sage Stryczny managed to get footage of the beast, who is believed to be around 15 feet long and frequently visits the same course in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Fortunately for golfers in the area, he is relatively friendly and only interested in moving from one large body of water to another, very, very slowly. In this instance, he even stops for a nap on the fairway just before the green, and the golfers were able to carry on their round by just playing around him - at a safe distance of 50 feet.

Loads better than Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness monster, isn't he? You never see those lazy bastards about. Three cheers for Chubbs, the gigantic alligator who can actually be bothered to make an appearance for us rather than just sort of vaguely pretending to exist.