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28th Apr 2015

Video: Angry alligator takes a bite out of a guy at a Florida party

Ben Kenyon

This is why you shouldn’t invite an alligator to a family party…

Because they’re pretty likely to f**king bite someone and ruin your day.

This is what two chaps found out at Florida’s Spring Crawfish Festival as horrified families looked on.

To the untrained eye it looks like the men are just winding the ‘gator up.

alligator animated GIF

And to the untrained eye it looks like the huge reptile is getting pretty p*ssed off with their carry on.

So, quite predictably, he tries to take a bite out of one of their arms. It was a bad idea all-round.

We’d better cancel the alligator for granddad’s birthday.  Probably safer to get a clown instead.

Video via Mona Villegas – YouTube