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19th Nov 2021

Man with world’s biggest penis says foreskin can cover entire doorknob

Kieran Galpin


Leave your own doorknob’s alone, you can’t do it!

It may be illegal to carry a weapon in the UK, but Jonah Falcon didn’t get the memo and had once again revealed all about his 13-inch appendage.

In an interview with The Daily Show, Falcon answered burning questions about his third leg, and it seems reasonable to revisit those after his appearance on This Morning that shocked the nation.

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Falcon stated that his foreskin can cover an entire doorknob, which leads to one obvious question. How does one think, ‘hmmm, I wonder if I can get my foreskin around that inanimate object?’.

Now before you all look to doorknobs in your room and feel the masculine urge to try it, just remember that Falcon’s baton is 13-inches while erect.

In an interview with Men’s Health in July, Falcon answered 20 burning questions about his manhood.

“I was roughly 8 inches at age ten (yes, I measured),” he told the outlet.

While Falcon’s shock factor is arguably what continues to put him in headlines, he’s not just a penis.

While he never feels inadequate down below and actually says he feels more content with his masculinity because of it, he admits that he has struggled with his weight due to his own worries about the dating scene.

“My weight has always fluctuated because I’ve never worried about finding people to have sex with. I’m more self-conscious about my weight [now], but working out and playing sports on weekends have kept me in good shape.

“I also wonder how many more opportunities I’d get if my cock size were unknown,” he told Men’s Health.

He also opened up about getting down and dirty, saying: “If your partner is excited, they can take a fire hydrant. Look, I’ve had one partner say that they’d tried getting fucked by big cocks, but they always hurt, but I was shockingly easy, even though I am a little thicker than my wrist.

“I’m pretty slow, anyway. I love kissing and making out, and I am pretty good at oral. Slow and steady wins the race.”

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