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08th Jun 2018

Fortnite’s island has been reached for the very first time

It's not easy

Wayne Farry

This is a very big deal in the world of Fortnite

It wasn’t long ago that we brought you the news that Epic Games’ epic hit Fortnite had introduced a vehicle into the game in the form of a shopping cart, changing the speed and style of play of the game.

People had long wondered if vehicles were a possibility, especially considering the large number of abandoned carts and vehicles dotted around the island where the game is set.

Another question that has been on players lips for months is whether players can reach the elusive island.

To those not in the know the island is the area which acts as a sort of waiting room for players, a lobby in which participants can practice shooting and jumping and general Fortnitery.

Until recently, players could only speculate on whether the island was within reach, since one can see it when gliding from the airbus to the ground below. But in truth, it seemed impossible.

That is until now. Thanks to YouTuber OrangeGuy, we now know that the island is not unreachable and can in fact be used in regular play.

Using the shopping cart, lots of building and plenty of help from an obvious glitch, OrangeGuy found himself on the island during a storm and proceeded to run around having fun.

In the video below, the YouTuber explains exactly how to do this, so if that is something which you’d like to do, have a look.