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02nd Apr 2020

FIFA Face-Off: The Queen and Ricky Gervais

Wayne Farry

Bored of FIFA yet?

We’re all spending the vast majority of our time at at home currently. That means finding things to do and having a bit of fun to try and briefly free our minds from the stresses of the world right now.

If you’re a football fan and/or a gamer, you might be spending quite a bit of time playing FIFA 20. It’s good craic and everything but even that can get tiresome after a while. That’s where our little game, FIFA Face-Off, comes in.

JOE challenged myself and Joe Gilmore to try and create avatars for famous celebrities using the game’s in-built player creator. We would then assign each other a score and see who wins. Try it out yourself, especially if you’re rubbish at the actual game. You might actually get a win.