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27th Mar 2018

You can buy Easter Eggs made from Twix and they look delicious

Can't. Cope.

Anna O'Rourke

Let’s just say it – the humble Twix is one of the most underrated bars out there.

It’s beautifully simple – a biscuit finger topped with a thick layer of chewy caramel and drowned in silky chocolate coating.

It’s not a showy bar. It doesn’t shout for your attention. Rather, it’s an old reliable – always there when you need it and absolutely unreal with a cup of tea.

Some people suck off the chocolate first, some bite off the caramel bit and then eat the biscuit and some absolute psychopaths just shove it straight in their mouths.

Whatever your fancy, if you’re a fan of a Twix you’ll be very happy with the latest take on the bar.

Remember how excited everyone got when they were finally added to boxes of Celebrations?

Well, you’re about to lose your sh*t.

There’s now an Easter egg Twix. As in an egg that’s completely Twix.

Just look.

Hello Giggles is calling the egg a ‘centrepiece’ for your Easter table but we reckon that, armed with a good big mug of tea, we could take this down in one sitting.

Sadly, the Twix egg is a little too good to be true for us here on this side of the Atlantic. As far as we can tell, it’s only being sold in the US.

On the off chance you’re there between now in Easter you can pick one up in Walmart or Target.

Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be available here in time for next year.