This chart will help you make perfect chips every single time 5 years ago

This chart will help you make perfect chips every single time

Chips are the most glorious food on the planet - FACT.

The golden sticks of potatoey goodness come in many forms, and there's a method to getting them done just right - to achieve the perfect crispiness on the outside and the delicious fluffy texture on the inside.


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Blake Lingle is the co-founder and co-owner of Idaho-based fast food firm The Boise Fry Company, and the man knows his chips.

Lingle has even written a book on the subject of delicious crispy potato goods, simply called Fries! An Illustrated History of the World's Favourite Food.

Judging by their Instagram, we need to go there immediately:



Lifehacker Australia has gotten their hands on one of the most interesting aspects of the book: that is, the Fry Algorithm. This flowchart will ensure that your fries are perfect whether they are shoestring, steak cut, or regular old chip size.

It goes into a lot of detail, but if you're something of a home chef, this is well worth a go.


Definitely worth a shot!




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