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24th Jun 2017

The ‘big bag of cans with the lads’ flag at Glastonbury is a work of genius

Paul Moore

Absolutely love this.

Jeremy Corbyn’s rousing speech at Glastonbury went down a treat, but it appears that the Labour leader might not have been pulling those pints quick enough for festival goers.

Great tunes, crap weather and a tendency to forget where your tent is are just some rituals that every festival goer adheres to, but there’s another rule that’s more sacred than most.

Cans. Sweet, sweet cans.

Nectar of the gods and facilitator of fun, no festival is complete without a gigantic bag of cans that you can share with your mates…in a responsible manner of course.

Ok, we’ve all seen novelty flags at Glastonbury over the years, but nothing has captured the zeitgeist of 2017 quite like this effort that pays tribute to that noble tradition, a big bag of cans with the lads.

As the amazing Run the Jewels took to the Pyramid Stage, plenty of people noticed this superb effort.

To the person that made this, we would like to give crack open a can and toast your work.

Just remember, it’s a bag of cans. Not a bag of can’ts.

Corbyn must be having a great time at the festival.