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03rd May 2021

Salt Bae opening UK restaurant with 24-carat gold steaks

George McKay

Feel like he’s a few years too late, tbh

Remember this fella? How could you not! He was everywhere a couple of years ago and folks across instagram still imitate his signature seasoning technique.

He’s known as Salt Bae – real name Nusret Gokce – and he’s opening a restaurant in London serving, among other things, a 24-carat gold steak worth about £700 a pop.

If you’ve watched any of his videos, he slaps about his meat so much that you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor customer who has to eat the food he’s been playing with.

But to be absolutely fair to the guy his slow roasted meats look absolutely unreal, and when he’s carving his choice cuts they look like they dissolve like butter, so he’s clearly doing something right.

Having said that, I absolutely could not countenance spending £700 for what I’m sure is a perfectly serviceable piece of steak, all for the benefit of a bit of flavourless gold-leaf so I can rack up a few more likes on my pitiful food blog insta.

Regardless, Salt Bae knows what makes an insta-worthy meal, and it’s resulted in quite the business success. He has a multi-site restaurant group around the world, all from that one meme.

Speaking to GQ, food blogger Vanessa Cole recalls being served by the man himself in Dubai. She said, “I told the waiter we had come specifically for Salt Bae to cut our steak, so they brought me a menu that included only the premium or gold-wrapped steaks.

“I figured Salt Bae only comes out for the most premium dishes.”

She did say that the steak was really tender, and the experience of being served by Salt Bae himself was worth the money. She does go on to say that, “there’s nothing special about the gold add-on other than the appearance, but it’s the price you pay to be served by Salt Bae.”

I guess this guy’s on to something after all.


Salt Bae