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21st May 2018

Nando’s refuses to be part of Tory plan to use discount cards to target young members

James Dawson

At least it swerves them getting their food spat in by any Corbynista chicken servers

In a move that must be gutting for young Tories across the UK, Nando’s has declined to be part of the Conservative Party’s plans to offer a retail discount card to attract new members.

Theresa May and the gang had been hoping to bring people aboard the Brexit steam train by offering money off at restaurants such as Nando’s and other shops. According to the Times, a senior party source said the discount card was a “very real possibility.”

It comes with Labour’s membership having ballooned to 550,000 under Jeremy Corbyn – compared to the Conservatives’ 124,000 activists – meaning the party has had to apply some lateral thinking to try to increase its numbers.

However, it looks like the senior party source jumped the gun, as after being approached by the Independent, a Nando’s spokesperson, said: “As a brand we have no political affiliations and we are not considering this.”

A Labour spokesman decided to bring a bit of #cheeky #banter to the table, adding: “The desperate Tories offering a Nando’s discount scheme was always a peri peri stupid idea.”

So, at the end of it all, it looks like no winner, winner discounted Tory chicken dinner after all.