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10th Dec 2018

Morrisons is selling all three courses of Christmas dinner in a giant pasty

James Dawson

Morrisons gimmick food: Christmas edition

So here we are, ten days into December, our hangovers every day compounding.

Waiting each morning for lunchtime to come around so we can head out to buy a festive bake, or sandwich, or whatever other take on Christmas dinner the respective marketing department of our chosen eatery dredged up back at main office.

T’is the season.

Anyway, Morrisons – who through the release of Yorkshire pudding wraps  and Halloween pizzas and hottest ever curries and ‘Big Daddy’ breakfasts and Yorkshire pudding pizzas and footlong sausage rolls have cemented themselves the king of gimmicking food bullshit –  are offering their take on Christmas dinner: a festive pasty.

Pasty experts at Morrisons apparently took three months to create the dish. The gustatory journey will take people: through a pâté starter, into a main of turkey and stuffing, finishing off with Christmas pudding. An arrow on the packaging will ensure diners don’t start with dessert first.

The concept of a three-course pasty actually harks back to the 17th and 18th century when pasties became popular with working people in Cornwall, where miners adopted them as they could contain an entire, several course meal. So one for the history heads as well.

Pastries buyer Philippa Shaw said: “This is the perfect grab and go Christmas dinner… and without any of the washing up.”

It is being sold at Morrisons Pie Shop counters from now until 25 December and costs £2.50.